TRIGA Life Safety System.
Tyco International
Fike Corporation
Tornatech Inc.
Honeywell International Inc.
Detector innovative
Peerless Pump
Xtralis Security company.
Sauter AG
Val-Matic Valve Manufacturer.
SHIELD Fire, Safety & Security Ltd

Our Collaborations with Industry Giants

Z3 corporation believes that only commitment to innovation and excellence can drive you to be the leader of your industry. For this reason, we made strategic partnerships with only the world’s most trusted brands – NAFFCO, SHIELD and TRIGA to offer a wide range of fire protection solutions including fire alarms, fire suppression systems, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers. These collaborations furnish the backbone of our success and reinforce our position as a market leader.

Our partnership with NAFFCO in the UAE signifies our expertise in fire and safety technology. Working hand in hand with TRIGA by Honeywell in the USA, we are at the forefront of clinical fire safety solutions. SHIELD from the UK complements our rapid expansion, and our collaboration with Tyco, Fike, Xtralis, Detector, Kent, Sauter, and Cooper highlights our commitment to diverse industries and technological excellence.

Through these prominent partnerships, we leverage the collective expertise, experience, and innovation of these brands to provide you with solutions that are second to none. Together, we’re redefining industries, enhancing safety, and driving positive change. Explore our brand page to learn more about these collaborations and how they contribute to our mission of making the world a better, safer, and more technologically advanced place.

We also provide maintenance and after-sales services on behalf of our brands to ensure that their products are in proper working condition and to ensure compliance with local fire codes and regulations.

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